My name is Barna,
Born Hungarian, I have had the privilege of living in Canada for a long time, in South America for years, and traveling extensively throughout the Americas. My lens has become a faithful companion, documenting the diversity of the world around us. Immersing myself in the Americas, I have experienced a rich tapestry of cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes.
Transylvania is a real place, I was born there
Got my first camera at age 8, since then I constantly have few on hand
I learned early on how to use a dark room, I know how fixer smells
When I was young the mountains, cliffs and caves were my second home
I am a self-taught photographer, school cannot replace passion
Used to ski a lot in the Canadian Rockies and I am a certified ski judge
Traveled for 5+ years in a Sprinter van conversion in the Americas
I am a hobby musician since early teenage years
I love live music, from small venues to stadium concerts
Thank you for reading, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
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